Building Department


Clinton’s Building Official receives building permit applications, reviews building and site plans, directs the applicant to other agencies, answers questions on the building process and works to protect the Town and the public’s general health, safety and welfare. 

The Building Department is responsible for monitoring all building activities in Town through the issuance of permits and inspections for all new and renovated buildings, electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, demolitions and gas & oil tank installations/removals. Department files are coded and digitally recorded on the Docuphase document management system for future reference. This department is regulated by State Statutes and a close working relationship is maintained with the Fire Marshal’s Office.

Online Building Permit System

For the convenience of both property owners and contractors, the Town of Clinton employs an online permit system which is accessible below. Using the system, you may apply for a building or trade permit, attach supporting documents and/or check the status of a permit. 

Documentation required for permitting, can be viewed in the permit system by using the Apply for a Permit link below. All applications for the Building Department require COI/Workman’s Comp Affidavit and Contractor’s License to be submitted for every job. Miscellaneous information is located as links at the bottom of this page.

Paying by credit card online is preferred, for a quicker and smoother process, however, we accept checks or cash, in person or by mail. Applications will not be reviewed until all required documents and fees are submitted.  Fee schedule below.

Apply for a Permit/ Permit Status/ Building Permits as of June 23, 2022 – Click Here

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