The Town of Clinton has contracted with Tyler Technologies, Inc. to assist the Assessor with the State-Mandated revaluation for October 1, 2015. Unlike the previous revaluation in 2010, inspections will be limited to properties that have sold since October, 2013 to July, 2015 and those with outstanding building permits.

Revaluation Purpose
The purpose of a revaluation, which is done in each Connecticut town and city every five years, is to maintain equity. The market is continually changing and every property is not impacted equally. Fair market value is affected by a number of factors including property type (residential, commercial, industrial), location, individual property desirability and market supply and demand.

Goal of the Revaluation

The goal is to estimate the current, fair market value of every property as of the assessment date, which is October 1, 2015. The assessment reflects 70% of this fair market value. Once the assessments have been determined, a notice will be mailed to you indicating the previous assessment, which was based on the fair market value from 2010, and the new assessment, updated to reflect changes that have occurred in the real estate market in the past five years. New assessments will be reflected in the July 2016 tax bills.