Welcome to the Department of Public Works
                     Transfer Facility Services


                Office Hours  Monday - Friday 

                   8:00 AM- 11:00 AM          12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

                                 Office Staff

                  Director of Public Works: Peter Neff  Email                                            (pneff@clintonct.net)

                  Assistant Director: Todd Hajek   Email                                                   (thajek@clintonct.net)

                  Administrative Assistant: Donna Aleman  Email                                   (dlaleman@clintonct.net)

                  For Information:  Email

                  Facebook:  Link


          Transfer Station Hours Friday and Saturday 

                                          7:15 AM   -  3:10 PM 

                                 ALL CARS MUST BE OUT BY  3:15 PM 


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  The Town of Clinton publishes policies on snow removal and  damages that  may occur during the removal process.  Prior to submitting a claim, please read the policies.  

 Snow Removal Policy may be found here

Mailbox damage policy may be found here

Suggested installation for mailboxes may be found here