Election & Referendum Results

By State Statute, it is the Town Clerk's duty to declare a person elected. Simply because someone receives more votes than another does not mean that he is elected. Minority representation must be taken into consideration so that not too many persons of one party control a board or commission.

The results of Elections and Referendums are put into a permanent record book for posterity.

Voting Preparation 
The Town Clerk prepares the ballot for the voting machines and for Absentee Ballots. An official list of candidates is prepared and forwarded to Secretary of the State. The Town Clerk must keep the Secretary of the State informed as to any vacancies in an elective office whether by death or resignation. This is vital to the integrity of the balloting process. She also notifies the Secretary when a vacancy in an elective office has been filled. 
Election Supplies
It is the responsibility of this office to order all supplies needed to hold an election or a referendum. On Election Night, the Town Clerk must be in her office to receive the results of the voting from the polling place. The votes are tallied by the Head Moderator and Town Clerk before the official numbers are released.