Rocky Ledge Water Main- UPDATE

For many years Clinton's Water Pollution Control Commission (WPCC) has been working tirelessly on a plan to remediate various wastewater issues that face the Town. Today those problems, plans and projects are detailed in the Oct. 2017 draft of the Wastewater Facilities Plan. This Plan outlines the courses of action designed to deal with each situation designated as a problem by the Ct. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP). At this point the Plan has gained the conditional approval of DEEP and is in the final stages of approval from the Dept. of Public Health (DPH) and the CT. River Area Health District (CRAHD). 

One of the identified study areas is the Rocky Ledge Area of town. This is an area of approximately 120 homes found on Rocky Ledge, Oakwood Lane, Margo Lane, Woodland Drive and homes on the west side of Rte. 81 between Happy Acres Rd. and Rocky Ledge. This is an area of relatively small lots that contain both a private drinking well and an on-site septic system. Historic testing has shown that the drinking water of many homes is considered to have quality violations. 

In 2017 a plan to install a water main to provide this area with a source of public water was designed and approved by all concerned authorities. Outreach for the project included many meetings between State agencies, Town and Commission officials as well as Ct. Water Co.(CWC) representatives. The funding for this project was to be shared by various sources of grant funding, the Town, Rocky Ledge area property owners and the CWC. In an effort to secure funding the WPCC applied to be included in both a Town bonding package as well as a Capital Expenditure project. As of now, due to both the economic climate and structural changes at the CWC, none of these funding sources has become available. 

While funding for the project has proved to be a set-back, it does not mean that the plan has been eliminated or has diminished in importance. What it does mean is that it will take a bit more time to accomplish. The WPCC strongly believes in the value of the Water Main project and continues to work towards the objective of clean and safe water for these residents. It is the unfaltering goal of this Commission to assure Clinton residents that their health and well-being are of primary importance to the Town and the WPCC.