Why Resilience Matters

As a community surrounded by water, Clinton is highly vulnerable to the risks associated with climate change, rising sea levels, coastal storms, strong winds, and storm surges. In addition to our beautiful coastline, several rivers run through town, draining into Long Island Sound, and we have extensive areas of wetlands and salt marsh. 


Our low-lying, vulnerable areas are heavily developed with residential beach neighborhoods, marinas, a bustling commercial corridor, and important town facilities including the fire department and other emergency services. 


Clinton is actively collaborating with our regional partners to develop a comprehensive coastal resiliency plan. This plan will provide us with a deep understanding of the risks posed by rising sea levels. This will help us formulate policies, programs, and projects for the long-term sustainability and well-being of our town and the surrounding region. By doing so, we will: 


  • Protect our homes, businesses, and community infrastructure;
  • Protect Long Island Sound and its plant, animal, and marine life; and
  • Protect our beaches, wetlands, and coastal attractions, which are critical to our community’s vibrancy and prosperity.


We encourage you to stay informed about the work of this task force as well as the regional effort. Together, we can create a safer, sustainable future for generations to come.