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Tax Exempt Organization Application and Quadrennial Renewal Report


  1. 1. General Information
  2. 2. Section of the Connecticut General Statutes
  3. 3. Declaration & Signatures
  • General Information

    1. Sec. 12-81. Exemptions. The following-described property shall be exempt from taxation.
    2. Declaration Type
    3. See bottom for sections.
    4. If not an agricultural or cemetery society, is the gross income of such corporation entirely devoted to scientific educational, literary, historical, charitable, or hospital purposes or to two or more such purposes?
    5. Cemetery Organization Only: Is its gross income entirely devoted to cemetery purposes?
    6. Is any officer, member or employee of the organization receiving, or may he or she at any future time (even in the event of dissolution) receive any pecuniary profit from its operation, except reasonable compensation for services in effecting one or more of its purposes, or as a proper beneficiary of its strictly charitable purposes?
    7. Does its charter contain any provisions relative thereto?
      If yes, submit pertinent sections of the charter.
    8. Does its charter contain any provisions relative thereto?
      If yes, submit pertinent sections of the charter.
    9. Has the organization received an IRS exemption in accordance with section 501c?
      If yes, attach a copy.
    10. On assessment day in the year of the return, specify book and market values of tangible personal property of such organization.
    11. Is all tangible personal property devoted to carrying out the purposes for which exemption is claimed?
    12. Attach listing if necessary.
    13. Is all the real estate being used exclusively for purposes of the organization as stated previously?
    14. If the answer is no, describe below the real estate being used for other purposes.
    15. Does the reporting organization own any real estate for which no income is derived on the land of which suitable buildings are in the progress of construction, which real estate is exempt from taxation under the first sentence of section 12-88 of the general statutes?
    16. Is any portion of the real estate rented?