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Agenda Center

  1. All
  2. Aquifer Protection Agency
  3. Bike & Pedestrian Alliance Committee
  4. Board of Assessment Appeals
  5. Board of Connecticut River Area Health District
  6. Board of Education
  7. Board of Ethics
  8. Board of Finance
  9. Board of Henry Carter Hull Library
  10. Board of Police Commissioners
  11. Bonding Committee
  12. Cable TV Advisory Board
  13. Capital Expenditure Committee
  14. Charter Revision Commission
  15. Clinton Human Services Advisory Board
  16. Clinton Volunteer Fire Department
  17. Clinton Volunteer Fire Department Feasibility Study Committee
  18. Clinton Volunteer Fire Department LOSAP Committee
  19. Clinton Volunteer Fire Department Truck Committee
  20. Conservation Commission
  21. Design Review Board
  22. Economic Development Commission
  23. Elderly Housing Committee
  24. Energy Committee
  25. Fair Rent Commission
  26. Fiscal Analysis Task Force Committee
  27. GIS Committee
  28. Harbor Management Commission
  29. Historic District Commission
  30. Housing Authority
  31. Inland Wetlands Commission
  1. Labor Management Committee
  2. Landfill Planning Committee
  3. Morgan Bridge Study Committee
  4. Morgan Building Committee
  5. Municipal Building Committee
  6. OPEB Board of Trustees
  7. Ordinances, New
  8. Park & Recreations Commission
  9. Pierson Study for Future Use Committee
  10. Planning & Zoning Commission
  11. Planning Steering Committee
  12. Police Command Staff Committee
  13. Police Pension Committee
  14. Public Works Commission
  15. Safety Committee
  16. School Roofing Project Committee
  17. Senior Resources Advisory Committee
  18. Shellfish Commission
  19. Special Town Meeting Legal Notices / Budget Referendum Legal Notices
  20. Sustainability Committee
  21. Tax Relief Programs Committee
  22. Town Council
  23. Town Dock Concession Stand Committee
  24. Town Manager Search Committee
  25. Town Tree Committee
  26. Water Pollution Board of Appeals
  27. Water Pollution Control Commission
  28. Website Committee
  29. William Andrew Stanton Memorial Committee
  30. William Stanton Andrew Memorial Town Hall Committee
  31. Zoning Board of Appeals