Pleasant Valley Road Bridge Project


    The Pleasant Valley Bridge is inspected by the Connecticut Department of Transportation every two years. Five years ago, the Town completed repairs to the deck in an effort to delay the replacement at that time.  Recent reports generated by the CT-DOT inspections have determined the bridge is now in need of replacement.  As a result of these reports,  the Town hired DTC an Engineering Consulting firm to study the Pleasant Valley Bridge.  We have provided both the most recent CT-DOT bridge inspection report and DTC’s confirming inspection.  

        As a result of the study performed by DTC, we were able to apply for a grant under the Local Bridge Program and subsequently were awarded a grant that will pay for 50% of all eligible costs to replace the bridge.  The Town appropriated the design cost for the bridge in a special Town meeting and we are in the process of completing the design.  The Town is permitted under the grant program to address design considerations to allow the Town design leeway in order to make the bridge blend in with the surrounding area. This will include natural stone detail with granite accents to match as best we can the existing bridge. We are also planning on widening the bridge deck to allow for pedestrian and bike traffic on the south side.  The design work  is being performed by DTC the Town’s Consulting Engineer. 

    DTC was appointed the Town Engineers in 2016 after a RFP (request for professional services) process that resulted in multiple response from firm across the area. After an interview process DTC was awarded the work and has acted in the capacity of Town Engineering Consultants for over a year.