Office of the Town Clerk


Sharon Uricchio, Town Clerk
54 East Main Street
Clinton, CT 06413
Phone: (860) 669-9101
Ashley Unitas, Assistant Town Clerk
54 East Main Street
Clinton, CT 06413
Phone: (860) 669-9101


Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday: 9:00am to 4:00pm
Thursday: 9:00am to 7:00pm
Friday: 9:00am to 12:00pm

This web page is published as an attempt to acquaint you with the services offered by the Town of Clinton. It is in no way a complete accounting of what each department or agency does but just a general idea to let you know in which direction to go to for information. Our most important function is to serve you, the public, in an efficient and courteous manner. If at any time, we can assist you or answer any of your questions, please let us know. The main switchboard number at Town Hall is (860) 669-9333. This is an information publication of the Town of Clinton, Office of the Town Clerk.

Records are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day on the Town Clerk Portal. Our online records date back to Book 106, year 1976.

Click here for an application for an Absentee Ballot (Click for PDF)

Map of Clinton

License & Certificate Forms

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file linkMarriage License Requestfile linkMarriage License Worksheet file linkDeath Certificate Request file linkBirth Certificate Request


Who, What, When, and How?

Who are we, what do we do, when do you come to see us and how do we do our job? These are questions asked on a daily basis. This is an attempt to provide an informational packet to you, our residents, taxpayers and guests to assist you when you visit Town Hall and to endeavor to answer your questions. If there is something with which we cannot assist you, we will point you in the right direction. If there is a question to which we do not know the answer, we will get it for you. We are here to serve you.

What Do We Do?

Our most important function is to provide customer service. Invariably, people who do not know what agency to go to in Town Hall will come to the Town Clerk's Office to seek information or direction. We attempt to provide that to them. Our duties are varied and many. However, we do not sell beach passes. Beach passes may be obtained at the Town Beach between 10:00am and 3:00pm (see Park and Rec for fees). Dump passes are obtained at the Department of Public Works, 117 Nod Road - ((860) 510-5028.

Who Do I See for...?

a complaint, a compliment, a request to be put on the agenda for a Selectmen's meeting, for any number of things, too many reasons to go into in this formatFirst Selectman
a copy of a street card or assessors’ tax map, information on real estate, personal property or motor vehicle assessments, info and applications for elderly benefits, veterans exemptions, farm or forest land, and exempt organizationsOffice of the Assessor
to pay your taxes, to get info on back taxesTax Collector
anything to do with an adoption, a change of name, a will or the handling of an estate, a conservatorshipProbate Court
to get payroll information, billing information, budget data and all financial information. Town Department Heads turn over all moneys to this office where it is deposited in the proper accounts and invested, deals with anything to do with Town finances, budgets, appropriationsFinance Office
to subdivide a property, to get invaluable data on land use, info on zoning usage, what's allowed and what is not, what can be located on a particular piece of property and what cannotPlanning & Zoning Comission
handles disputes brought in regards to zoning, such as variances and special usesZoning Board of Appeals
matters concerning wetlandsInland Wetlands Commission
inspects new construction and remodeling for compliance, issues building permitsbuilding Department
all town roadways, drainage, trash, snowplowing, etc.Public Works
here to assist you in registering to vote, keeper of voting lists for the entire town and election officials charged with procuring poll workers and all those affiliated with the voting machines and for the maintenance of the machinesRegistrar of Voters
handles the sale of beach passes, recreation programs for the Town and the various parks and playing fields, trips to ball gamesParks & Recreation external link
books, reference materials, reading programsLibrary external link
handles all programs for the elderly, maintains buses and transportation and offers trips for the seniorsMunicipal Agent for the Elderly & Veterans’ Affairs


Campaign Finance

Connecticut Campaign Finance Laws require each candidate for a municipal office to either register a candidate committee with this office and appoint a campaign treasurer who periodically discloses campaign finance activity or to file an exemption form, if that applies. The majority of candidates file the exemption form. Those running for First Selectman usually have their own committee and if they receive or expend more than $1000, it is necessary to file. Any questions as to legalities and responsibilities may be directed to the Office of the Secretary of the State, Campaign Finance Division.


The Town Clerk’s functions regarding elections are many and varied.
The Town Clerk prepares the ballot for the voting machines and for the absentee ballots. An official list of candidates is prepared and forwarded to Secretary of the State. The Town Clerk must keep the Secretary of the State informed as to any vacancies in an elective office whether by death or resignation. This is vital to the integrity of the balloting process. She also notifies the Secretary when a vacancy in an elective office has been filled.
Chairmen of Town Committees must be kept informed of many things in the months preceding an election. They need to know what offices are open in order to find candidates to fill those slots.
Absentee ballots are issued by this office. There is an application process first, then if all is in order, the ballot may be issued. Ballots are returned to the Town Clerk for delivery to the polls. There is a strict accounting of all absentee ballot applications and all absentee ballots issued.
It is the responsibility of this office to order all supplies needed to hold an election or a referendum.
On Election Night, the Town Clerk must be in her office to receive the results of the voting from the polling place. The votes are tallied by the Head Moderator and Town Clerk before the official numbers are released. By State Statute, it is the Town Clerk's duty to declare a person elected. Simply because someone receives more votes than another does not mean that he is elected. Minority representation must be taken into consideration so that not too many persons of one party control a board or commission.
The results of these elections are then put into a permanent record book for posterity.
The same goes for a referendum. The results are tallied in the same way as a regular election.
Voter registration cards are obtained in this office. These are used as a means of identification to prove that the person is a citizen. The name is checked on the voting list, the card filled out and the Town Seal affixed over the Town Clerk's signature.

Flood Maps

Flood maps are stored in the Town Clerk’s vault. These are referred to by title searchers and homeowners and delineate the one hundred year flood plain for properties.

Freedom of Information, Public Meetings

It is a requirement of the State of Connecticut that citizens be given proper notice of all public meetings. Each year, by January 31, all boards and commissions are required to present to the Town Clerk a calendar of their upcoming schedule for the year. These become their Regular Meetings.
If however, during the year, it is necessary to call a Special Meeting, in other words a meeting which does not appear on that regular schedule, it may be called with only 24 hours advance notice. Notice of the date, time, place and purpose must be filed. Only those items appearing on the notice may be discussed.
Motions of a meeting are to be filed within 48 hours and minutes of the meeting within 7 days. As these are received by the Town Clerk, each is stamped with the date and time of filing. They are then filed away and become a permanent record of the Town.
Copies of all minutes and agendas may be obtained for a fee of 50cents per page.
Bulletin boards are maintained in the lobby of Town Hall to inform you of upcoming meetings.

Land Records

file linkForm PA 11-201Public Act No. 11-201
Effective October 1, 2011
One of our primary functions is the recording and processing of land records. We accept the document for recording, stamp it with the date and time, calculate the recording fees and collect a State conveyance tax and a Town conveyance tax according to the sales price. In this regard, one of our functions is acting as the Tax Collector for the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services. For this we receive no compensation.
Fees for these Services are set by the Connecticut General Statutes as are most fees we collect. As of July 1, 2009, there is a $53.00 charge for recording page one of a document, with an additional charge of $5.00 for each additional page. If the document is a taxable conveyance of property, we must sassess an additional $2.00 charge for the recording. A Connecticut Real Estate Conveyance Tax Return must accompany the deed when it is recorded. The return must be complete and accurate. We assess the charge for the tax and attach the check which is made out to Commissioner of Revenue Services to the form. This must be forwarded to the Department of Revenue Services in a timely manner. If there is no price stated in the deed, a Town Conveyance Tax form must accompany the deed, stating the price paid.
Next, we assign a volume and page to the document, stamp it with the conveyance tax collected and with a "received for record stamp" showing date and time of receipt. We darken all seals so they will show up in microfilming. The document is then indexed into our computer system and a list is run off. It is edited and corrected, then run off and put into a daybook, which is a chronological index of documents. At the end of the month, this index is alphabetized and entered into our Grantor/Grantee Indices. These are the master indices for all documents recorded in our office. Accuracy and consistency is of the utmost importance.
Next we scan each document. After scanning, we are able to print the document and put it into a hard-cover book in the vault for immediate use. The customer is also able to view the document on the computer screen and to make copies of it also. At the end of each month, the data is sent electronically to Cott Systems, our computer vendor who handles data for Town Clerks around the country. At Cott Systems, they process the data and put in onto microfilm which is then stored in an underground facility called Iron Mountain in New York State for safekeeping. Documents are now processed so quickly that the originals can be returned to the attorney, the bank or buyer very quickly, sometimes the same day.
There are numerous types of documents which are processed on the Land Records, i.e. Warranty Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds, Mortgages, Releases of Mortgage, Assignments of Mortgage, Lis Pendens, Attachments, Mechanics Liens, Judgment Liens, Tax Liens, Sewer Liens, Water Liens, Declarations, Foreclosures and many, many more.

Maps & Surveys

There are statutory requirements for the filing of maps. Once a map or survey is filed, it never leaves the office, except for microfilming. There are regulations concerning materials, printing process, signatures and seals on a map or a Mylar as it is commonly called.
Maps are also entered into the computer system for indexing purpose. We maintain an index by Map Title and by Street. At this time, we have approximately 3,500 maps on file. After we have accumulated approximately fifty maps, they are sent out for microfilming. The cost of a computer printout is $1.00.

Retention Schedules & Disposal Records

The Town Clerk’s Office maintains a Retention Schedule for all departments. Copies relating to each department are dispensed to the Department head with instructions as to how to dispose of records in the proper way. This process involves the Department Head, the First Selectman and the Public Records Administrator of the State of Connecticut. A strict record is kept of what is to be disposed of. This record is recorded in the Town Meeting Book as a permanent record of disposal. Many offices do this on a yearly basis. This is the only way most paperwork can be destroyed.

Town Meetings

The Town Clerk is the recording clerk for all special Town Meetings. She is responsible for providing the Moderator with the tools needed to conduct the meeting, for taking the minutes and for recording the minutes. This record is then recorded in a permanent record book.

Vital Statistics

The Town Clerk’s Office is the repository for all vital records - births, marriages, civil unions, deaths, burial certificates, cremation permits. If the “event” occurred outside of Clinton, the original is filed in the town where it occurred and a copy is filed here for reference. If the "event" occurred in Clinton, the original remains here and copies are sent to the town of residence of the party or parties involved.
A Request for a Birth Record is strictly regulated. It must be handwritten or typed and must be accompanied by a photo ID of the person making the request. Birth records may be viewed by certain family members, title searchers and attorneys and the head of the municipality but copies may only be obtained by certain members of the family or a lawful representative and registered Genealogical Societies. A full size certified copy will be $20.00 and a wallet size may be obtained for $15.00.
A birth certificate of an adopted person may be issued; however, the original birth record remains sealed unless ordered opened by the Court.
A certified copy of a death certificate, marriage certificate or civil union certificate may be issued if the event occurred in Clinton or if the decedent or applicant was a resident of the Town of Clinton. The fee for a certified copy is $20.00.
Marriage licenses are issued for marriages taking place in Clinton. Blood tests are no longer required. The fee for the license is $30.00 with $19.00 of that going to the State of Connecticut.
Upon issuance of the license, the applicants are advised to give the license to the person performing the ceremony. The license will ultimately be returned to the Town Clerk where it becomes a permanent record. A certified copy may be obtained for a fee of $20.00.
Copies of all vitals which take place in Connecticut are sent monthly to the Department of Health of the State of Connecticut where records for the entire State are kept.

Writs, Summons, & Complaints

The Town Clerk accepts service for the Town for all complaints, suits, etc. Once accepted, the original is stamped with date of receipt. A copy goes to Town Attorney, the First Selectman and the Department involved. This is a public record and is open for public inspection.

Licenses, Permits, or Certificates

Dog Licenses

The month of June is when all dogs in Connecticut are to be licensed. We process approximately 1,200 dog licenses per year. Reminders are mailed out at the end of May as a reminder to those who have previously licensed their pet that it is time to do it again.
When a dog is acquired, the new owner has thirty days in which to license it. All dogs of the age of 6 months must be licensed.
In order to license a dog, a current certificate of rabies vaccination MUST BE presented. This certificate is provided by the Vet. Also, if a dog is neutered or spayed, that certificate is presented to us. A rabies tag is not acceptable.
Fees for registering your dog are $8.00 for a neutered or spayed dog and $19.00 for an unaltered dog. If a dog is not registered in a timely fashion, a $1.00 per month fee is assessed. This is a statutory fee and must be collected by us.
If a dog’s tag is lost, a replacement may be purchased for $.50. Also, if a dog was licensed for the current year in another Connecticut Town, a license for the same year will be issued for $1.00. The paper license must be presented as proof of registration.

Fish & Game Licenses

This Office administers the sale and accounting of game licenses for the State. A Town Clerk may have agents who can sell licenses evenings and weekends. A strict accounting is kept of licenses sold and moneys received. The agent returns the sold licenses and the money collected to the Town Clerk monthly so it may be forwarded to the Department of Environmental Protection in Hartford.
Licenses are sold daily in the Town Clerk’s Office. They are many types of licenses. Hunting licenses are strictly monitored. If an applicant presents a hunting license which has been procured in any of the past five years, he is issued another one. However, if more than five years have passed since he held a hunting license, he must then take a course prescribed by the DEP. The Town Clerk maintains a listing of these courses for the entire State.
There are no special requirements for fishing licenses. Anyone of the age of 16 or more must have a license to fish. We also carry all forms of licenses for Non-Residents (residents of other States).
Fees for licenses are set by State Statute. Of the fee collected, only $1.00 goes to the Town, the rest to the Department of Environmental Protection in Hartford.

Liquor Permits

Anyone selling liquor in the State must have a liquor permit displayed on the premises. The Liquor Control Commission of the State of Connecticut issues a liquor permit to the applicant. This must be brought to the Town Clerk for filing and stamping. A fee of $2.00 is collected. A copy of the permit is made for the Town Clerk’s records. The original certificate is returned to the applicant and must be displayed at the place of business.
file linkCertificate of Trade Name

Trade Name Certificates

Anyone conducting business in Clinton under a name other than his own needs to file a Certificate of Trade Name. The applicant must first go to the Zoning Department. Once that it is done, he comes to our office and for an $5.00 fee places the name of his business on file using the Certificate of Trade Name form. All those conducting or transacting the business must sign the certificate and have it notarized. The information from this document is then indexed in the Land Records.


file linkList of Justices of the Peace

Justices of the Peace

Justices of the Peace are endorsed by the Town Committees. For a short period, unaffiliated voters are allowed to apply to become a Justice. Justices must then come into the Town Clerk's Office to be sworn in and to prepare a signature card for fling. This card shows not only their legal signature but shows their term of office. The Town Clerk prepares a list of Justices which may be given to applicants for marriage licenses. A handbook is given to the Justice. This book shows what duties they may perform and also contains a few samples of marriage ceremonies. This office maintains a list of all Justices of the Peace for marriage ceremonies.


The Connecticut General Statutes are housed in the Town Clerk's office. Many people come in to use them for reference. To view State Statutes online, please go to We also have copies of Annual Town Reports dating back to the 1940's. These are a great source of information.
file linkBlight Ordinance Complaint Formfile linkBlight OrdinanceClinton has a Blight Ordinance. If you would like a Blight Ordinance Form, please click here.
file linkCertificate of Change of NameThe Name Change Form is used for people who own property in town and have had a change of name due to marriage, divorce, court decree or annulment. This form must be notarized and filed in the town clerk's office. There is a $53.00 filing fee.

Notary Public

Limited Notary Pubic services are provided by the Town Clerk and staff. There is a Notary Public in the Land Use and Finance Office.
When notarizing a document, the Notary is required to see a photo ID if the person is unknown to her. A passport or driver's license would be acceptable. A Social Security card would not. If a Notary is uncomfortable with the document, she is not required to notarize it. We do not notarize wills or blank documents in Town Hall. We advise our customers that wills should be executed under the guidance of an attorney. There is no fee for service during office hours.
A resident wishing to become a Notary Public can go to the Secretary of the State's website and click on "other agency services" the click on "Notary", for an application and a Notary handbook. Once the application is processed by the applicant, it is forwarded to the Office of the Secretary of the State in Hartford with a $120.00 fee. When it is received back by the applicant, it is brought into our office where the oath is given and a signature card is signed and put on file with the Town Clerk. There is a statutory $10.00 fee for this service. We keep a card file of all Notaries who are residents of Clinton.