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Non-Resident Affidavit for Property Tax Exemption

  1. Last name/first name/middle initial

  2. Rank

  3. Branch

  4. Date of Birth

  5. year

  6. 3. My presence in Connecticut on the assessment date was solely as a result of my official military orders.

  7. 5. I have retained my domicile in said State without interruption throughout my service in the Armed Forces.

  8. 6. It is now, and was on the assessment date, my intention to return to the State of my domicile upon my separation or retirement from the United States Armed Forces.

  9. 8. My current address is the same as on the assessment date.

  10. 9. I am (and was) married on the assessment date.

  11. S - For property owned solely by serviceman;
    SP - For property owned solely by serviceman's spouse; or
    J - For property jointly owned by serviceman and his/her spouse.

  12. Including unregistered snowmobiles

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