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Classification of Land as Farm Land Application


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Assessor's Verification Section
  3. 3. Step Three
  • Step One

    1. Declaration of policy: It is hereby declared that it is in the public interest to encourage the preservation of farm land, forest land, and open space land in order to maintain a readily available source of food and farm products close to the metropolitan areas of the state, to conserve the state's natural resources and to provide for the welfare and happiness of the inhabitants of the state (and) that it is the public interest to prevent the forced conversion of farm land, forest land, and open space land to more intensive uses as the result of economic pressures caused by the assessment thereof for purposes of properly taxation at values incompatible with their preservation as such farm land, forest land, and open space land.

    2. Select Appropriate Button

    3. Is the total acreage located wholly within this town?

    4. Dairy, vegetable, horse, etc.

    5. Shade tobacco and ball and burlap nursery, crop land

    6. Binder tobacco, vegetable, potatoes, crop land

    7. Corn silage, hay, vegetables, potatoes, crop land

    8. Hay, corn silage, rotation pasture, crop land

    9. Well maintained trees for the purpose of bearing fruit

    10. Grazing for livestock, not tilled land

    11. Woodland in a farm unit

    12. Swamp/ledge/scrub

    13. I do hereby declare under penalty of false statements made herein by me are true according to the best of my knowledge and belief, and that I have received and reviewed §2-504a through §12-504e, inclusive of the Connecticut General Statutes concerning a potential tax liability upon a change of use or sale of this land.