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Posted on: April 12, 2018


    As an historic note, the General Court in Hartford authorized the "sluice and cart bridge" to be built on May 13th, 1697 (tip of the hat to Robert Bischoff). Right on Waterside Lane we have the oldest bridge in CT. Let’s do what needs to be done so it will last another 321 years!

    The Waterside Lane Bridge will be undergoing renovations, which include several different projects: replacing the hardware that attaches the road deck to the support spans under the deck and replacement of deteriorated wood on railings, uprights and some decking on the sidewalk and fishing platform. In addition, we will be inspecting the natural stone wing walls and stone center column that support the bridge and prevent erosion of the embankments adjacent to the bridge.

    The critical repairs include the replacement of structural hardware and the addition of a wearing surface to the bridge. The original design of the bridge included the installation of an asphalt deck on the bridge. During construction, the asphalt deck was not installed resulting in damage to the structural hardware and the wooden bridge deck itself.  Due to the nature of the work we needed to wait for warmer weather and will need to close the bridge to both vehicle and pedestrian traffic for a period of 6 to 8 days. The balance of the work will be completed while the bridge is open.

     While we prefer not to close the bridge we need to do so in order to complete the work in a timely manner and safely. Our goal will be to keep it closed for the shortest period of time we can and hopefully the weather will cooperate and not force a more extended closure. If anyone has a question regarding the project and the reasons for closure, please contact the Department of Public Works for clarification.  Email: or phone the Department:  860-664-1100


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