Projected Project Borrowing Cost

  Information on this page is provided in order help  you to understand the total cost including principal and interest for each project for the duration of  financing bond. We have also included the potential mill rate impact for each project on a yearly basis for the duration of the financing bond.  
    The numbers shown also include financing for previous projects that have not been bonded as of the date of this report. Finally, the numbers presented are based upon projected budgets and the current value of one mill.  
     The numbers presented are subject to change based upon final project costs and the amount of grant monies received  which may potentially lower the amount of borrowing. The mill rate impact will change based upon the value of one mill. 
     Please fee fee to contact the Department of Public Works for questions regarding the information presented on this page. 

Principal and Interest costs for each project by year for duration of the bond. 

Projected Mill Rate Impact for Each Project Based Upon 2017 Rate.