Morgan Sidewalk Project


    The Morgan Sidewalk Project is designed to connect the new Morgan School to the Town sidewalk system which currently ends on Route 81 just north of Walnut Hill Rd. This project would provide a sidewalk that connects the Morgan School to the sidewalk that terminates in the Walnut Hill – Route 81 area.  The original estimate for the project came in around $950,000 dollars. This estimate was done without benefit of a survey of the area between the old Morgan and new Morgan or consultation with the State. 

      The CT-DOT as well as local authorities (In Land Wetlands) must approve all proposed plans.  Therefor it was necessary to have the walk engineered in advance in order to address the known issues and to develop a more concise budget estimate. Although it is a small sidewalk in distance it unfortunately must go over wetlands and several other obstacles to reach the new Morgan School.  The Town look at several options and assigned budgets to each option.  This request reflects the most economical option.  The study and coast estimates provided were compiled by DTC.

     DTC was appointed the Town Engineers in 2016 after a RFP (request for professional services) process that resulted in multiple response from firm across the area. After an interview process DTC was awarded the work has acted in the capacity of Town Engineering Consultants for over a year.