Fuel Farm Replacement Public Works Facility

   The Department of Public Works maintain the diesel and gasoline fuel farms for all Town agencies as well as all Board of Education vehicles including the school buses.  Over the period of a year we dispense over 40,000 gallons of gasoline and 60,000 gallons of diesel fuel. We are responsible for the care and maintenance of both the gasoline and diesel fuel farms (they are currently separate facilities) which includes invoicing agencies to cover the cost of the fuel being used.  Access to fuel is controlled by a electric gate and a secure fob system, The dispensing pumps and fob system  have reached their life expectancy and need to be upgrade at the same time.

   The six thousand underground diesel fuel tank located at the Department of Public Works has reached its life expectancy and cannot be permitted without significant upgrades. Our current permit expires in 2018.   Maintaining an underground storage tank facility requires annual inspections by DEEP, Training of DPW employees every two years, annual tests by a certified inspection company, weekly administrative tracking.  By eliminating the underground tank and installing an above ground tank we eliminate all of those tasks.  We are also proposing the current gasoline dispensing pump be move to a new island in conjunction with the new diesel dispensing pumps.  Finally, we are upgrading our management software and security that controls who is authorized to dispense fuel out of our system.

   As part of their role as the Town Consulting engineers, DTC has developed a budget to decommission the old underground diesel tanks and pump islands and install a new above ground tank with new pumps.      DTC was appointed the Town Engineers in 2016 after a RFP (request for professional services) process that resulted in multiple response from firm across the area. After an interview process DTC was awarded the work has acted in the capacity of Town Engineering Consultants for over a year.

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