Charter Revision Commission


Purpose ​


      The Connecticut General Statutes, Paragraph 7-188, require each municipality in the State to review its Charter every five years. The Town of Bethel Charter, Paragraph C11-7, requires that the Board of Selectmen review the Town’s Charter at least once every five (5) years and appoint a Charter Revision Commission to assist in that process. The Connecticut General Statutes also specify the Board of Selectmen as the “Appointing Authority”. 

    A Charter Revision Commission was appointed on March 16, 2016 to review the entire Town Charter and prepare a draft of proposed revisions. The proposed amendments are to be completed and filed with the city clerk in time for submission to the voters at the next general or a special election. 

Connecticut State Statutes:

Sec. 7-191. Charters, charter amendments and home rule ordinance amendments.


Town of Clinton Legal Notice on Proposed Charter Revisions: 

Proposed TOWN CHARTER Redlined Final Copy For Harbor News Legal Notice

2017 Town of Clinton Charter Revisions: 

Proposed Town Charter Revision 2017 Final Copy
All Changes made to Charter 2016-2017 Final Report


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