1. Campaign Finances

    Connecticut Campaign Finance Laws require each candidate for a municipal office to either register a candidate committee with this office and appoint a campaign treasurer who periodically discloses campaign finance activity or to file an exemption form, if that applies.

  2. Freedom of Information / Public Meetings

    It is a requirement of the State of Connecticut that citizens be given proper notice of all public meetings. Each year all boards and commissions are required to present to the Town Clerk a calendar of their upcoming schedule for the year. These become their regular meetings.

  3. Land Records

    One of the primary functions of the Town Clerk is the recording and processing of land records.

  4. Maps & Surveys

    Maps are also entered into the computer system for indexing purpose. We maintain an index by map title and by street. At this time, we have approximately 3,500 maps on file.

  5. Retention Schedules & Disposal Records

    The Town Clerk’s Office maintains a Retention Schedule for all departments.

  6. Town Meetings

    The Town Clerk is the recording clerk for all special Town Meetings.

  7. Writs, Summons & Complaints

    The Town Clerk accepts service for the Town for all complaints, suits, and more.